Window Cleaning Ayr
  Window Cleaning Service In South Ayrshire
Have you considered employing a window cleaning service for your commercial building in Prestwick? If you want professional window cleaners, then you need to consult a window cleaning services company. Consult professional and experienced cleaners for your premises. There are experienced window cleaners in Prestwick who can provide good services either with or without a contract. For more information on commercial cleaning services please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to service your cleaning needs.

Included in our portfolio of commercial clients over many years have been Prestwick international airport, Arnold Clark - Ayr, Wetherspoons - Prestwick, Barclay properties (old digital building), Keylets - Ayr, Sandhill House B&B - Troon, Scottish Care - Ayr, Monkwood Estate - Minishant, Ayr Audi, B&M Stores - Ayr, Combat Stress Hollybush House.

Areas we covered: Ayr, Prestwick, Coylton, Monkton, Troon, Dundonald, Symington, Alloway and Doonfoot

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  Window Cleaning In South Ayrshire
Every premise, large or small, should have a clean environment. Cleanliness is important in residences and in businesses like hotels, pubs, day care facilities and health care environments. You may find your clients returning to your premises for repeat business if you have an impeccably clean office environment. One of the ways to increase productivity is to let your employees enjoy a clean working environment. In Prestwick, our commercial window cleaning company provides good value for your money.

Techniques that should be used In window cleaning
Windows in the past were usually cleaned using water and often some kind of soap or detergent. This led to residue deposits on the surrounding rubber and frames. With our techniques, we clear your windows and frames of this residue, leaving all frames and glass absolutely spotless. Window cleaning of commercial property often means reaching windows placed at great heights. It requires water purification and pole cleaning systems. To clean any tall building's windows in a safe and controlled manner, which is why we use the safest system at our disposal. We can if required, clean ground floor windows on your property with tradional methods.

Window Cleaning in Prestwick
Contact Akwa Clean (Prestwick) if you have questions on window cleaning or for efficient, reliable, honest advice and service. Cleaning companies should always operate within legal boundaries and follow a code of conduct. If you are unsure, you should always ask for proof of insurance for employees and liability, even for your home. Did you know window cleaning with ladders is frowned upon within the government run health and safety initiative and that if a window cleaner has an accident on your property with ladders 'you' can unbelievably be prosecuted and sued by the window cleaner responsible.
  We clean all frames and glass
We clean doors (if requested)
No need for water. Akwa Clean has a static tank
  in the van which   supplies our purified water on tap
No risk - no ladders in the garden and no walking
  along roof tiles to clean dormer windows
Total privacy - no one looking in all your windows
Can access difficult to reach areas such as 4
  storey windows
  (40 to 60 feet high) and conservatory windows.

Internal Window Cleaning